• Elfrid

Welcome to the mountains

No words needed. Last weekend in Kitzbühel was a dream. Needless to say, I did not want to leave. My children were asked to bring their skis to kindergarten today. They are having their annual "winter sports day". I felt really jealous, to be honest. Adult life can be rough sometimes. Even if I'm in my 30s, I'd still like to play outside in the snow, if you know what I mean? Out of curiosity, I checked my work email statistics, and found that the last 18 months, I have received 8,595 emails, engaged in 11,770 conversations and sent 5,805 emails. 5,805 typed emails. And during all that time, the Alps were there. I'm just saying!   My siblings will laugh if they read this. How to put this? They are more passionate about the outdoor life than I am. But even if I love the city, mountains always make me feel like home. I more or less grew up on the top of one, after all. "You can take the girl out of the mountain, but you can't take the mountain out of the girl". Isn't that what they are saying? xx Elfrid



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