• Elfrid

Snapshots from Italy

Happiness is waking up at your Italian aunt in law's place, who very casually over some fresh fruit and a coffee in the morning, tells you that she knows about an okay place for lunch. A 40 minutes long drive on an unpaved, curvy road later, you find yourself in a place with a view to die for, with a glass of cold Spritz in your hands, while the scent of grilled meat on a fireplace comes out of the door of a tiny trattoria.  Yes, there is no doubt about it. We are back in Italy, and life is better than in a long time!  

If you are wondering where she took us, the place is called Bar Trattoria Santa Maria, and is located in the municipality of Sulzano, by the Iseo Lake (Lago d'Iseo) in the province of Brescia, Lombardy. Elfrid xx


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