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Ravenna: Mosaics and beach

When I'm on vacation, I like to explore. Discover something new, learn a little something. Equally, I like to relax. Read a book in the sun. Enjoy a long lunch. Take a little nap in the afternoon. Being all lazy and forgetting about what time it is. The mix of beach and culture is therefore a concept that fits me well. In Italy, that is easy to find, and Ravenna is no exception. When we are down here, we like to combine lazy days at the beach with visits to the city centre. Ravenna's amazing collection of mosaics is like a candy store for an art lover like myself. Still after many visits to this city, I always find something new to see. To provide you with a little background: Ravenna is located by the Adriatic sea in the Emilia Romagna region in Northern Italy. It was the capital of the Roman empire between 402 and 476, and houses eight UNESCO world heritage sites. Spread around the city, you find monuments containing rich interiors of mosaics from the 5th and 6th century. The Basilica of San Vitale is one of few surviving examples of Byzantine architecture in Europe - and one of the most beautiful churches I have ever visited. The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia next door is maybe considered to house the most beautiful mosaics of them all. The starry sky decorating the ceiling is quite a spectacular side. Even more so when you think about the fact that the mosaics were created more than 1500 years ago! For modern art lovers, the collection of 20th century and contemporary mosaics at the Ravenna Art Museum is well worth a visit. Do you want to see a Chagall in mosaics? You get the chance here. Chagall himself is behind the design of the work, executed by the mosaicist Antonio Rocchi. Beautiful, in the typical "Chagall blue". If you are looking for mosaics to buy, you find some small ateliers in the quarter of San Vitale, where you can buy directly from local artists. They even organize courses, in case you would like to try to make mosaics yourself. I didn't get the opportunity this time, but I will for sure take my daughter once. Underneath some pictures from this year's summer in Ravenna 

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