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New year, new blog

New year, new coffee mug, new pencils and new paint. It was as if I knew when I opened my Christmas presents: "Okay, so I am going to start a blog again now". And so I did. It's though a bit hard to say what this blog will be about. I feel like I am not doing much of interest these days. Just staying in every evening and weekend, with my pencils and a few papers on the table. Making a little sketch, writing down a few words about it. With that being said, I'm quite enjoying myself doing this lately. Drawing has always been a passion of mine. I guess I was one of those children who never stopped doing it. And writing - you remember in school when you had to make essays. Oh, I loved that. I think I just realized what the blog will be about.

I got these pencils from a friend, and she said she thought about me when she saw them. "Writing out loud - that is so your thing!" she said. I guess I can be a bit expressive when I write. I find it to be a good therapy anyway. It's like my thoughts start to make sense to me the moment I put them on a paper. And with these beautiful pencils, it makes it all more fun. Look, how charming they are with those small quotes on them:

My favorite one is the "Good vibes only". (And yes, the Nerd mug was also a gift, but I chose not to ask further questions about that one!) More to come! Xx Elfrid



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