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Making Ice Lanterns in the dark

Some pictures from last weekend, when me and the kids made ice lanterns in our garden. So simple and easy to make, but yet so beautiful! Wanna try for yourself? Here is what you do:

  • Put water in a bowl, plastic bag or balloon (or whatever you have lying around!) If you use a balloon, you need to blow a little air in it after you have put the water in

  • If you want, add flowers, leaves, berries etc. into the water for decoration. We picked what we could still find in our frozen garden; some pine needles, red winter berries and green leaves

  • Leave your little water creation in a cold place. We left ours outside, but you can also use your freezer if you have prefer and have enough space

  • Sing a little tune and do a little dance, while you wait for the water to turn into ice. (It might actually be that you have to do several tunes and dances. For us, it took approximately 24 hours for the ice to be ready)

  • Remove the plastic bag or balloon carefully from the ice. If you have used a bowl, turn it upside down, add a bit of boiling water, in order for the ice to loosen from the surface

  • Dig a little whole in the surface. We used some hot water and a small hammer for this, but I am sure better tools could be used. Once the whole is big enough, put a candle in it and lighten up

  • Vooooilà!!! You are done! Now you have your own beautiful ice lanterns to lighten up in the dark. Put them in a place you can see them and enjoy! It really is the cheapest and easiest decoration you can make. A nice activity for cold winter days as well :-) Xx Elfrid



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