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Finally got around to (shamelessly) frame them - my own favorite paintings made by me. They are called "Lavazza in the morning" (above) and "Mom's best friend" (underneath), and they mean a lot to me. So here is the story behind: When I took up painting again a few months ago, I was a bit indecisive about what to paint. As with every dilemma in life, I asked Mother Google. Wise as she is, she suggested that I paint something that I love. That immediately had me paint my coffee and my moka pot, the two most loyal friends in my life, providing me such great comfort all those mornings I've woken up feeling more tired than I was before going to bed the night before (because of... you know, mom life!) I very honestly feel that the gurgling sound from my moka pot is the most beautiful sound in the world. Only a baby making happy sounds could beat it. And the smell that fills the room when you open the moka pot and pour the coffee into your mug... There is really nothing else like it, and you know - life quality right there! So now my coffee friends are framed and honored in the way they should and deserve. I think the result was not half bad. What do you think?

Xx Elfrid



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