• Elfrid

Virus Workshop

Yesterday, Norway closed down. No schools, kindergartens, office buildings open for at least two weeks. Probably for the best if we are ever to regain control of this situation, but still absurd, and a tiny bit challenging for parents. Today we had our first day home, taking turns to work and be with the children. When I asked my kids what they wanted to do this morning, they told me they wanted to draw the Corona virus and sick people. Obviously, they've picked up bits and pieces from the news lately, and it's made an impression on them. I therefore thought this was a great opportunity to talk to them about it, while we also found a good way to kill a few hours. Here you see the result, and I think it turned out quite well!

How do you talk to your kids about the Corona virus, and what do you do to fill the days now when the whole family is isolated inside the house?


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