• Elfrid

Winter Wonderland

Last week, I brought the kids to my parents' place up in the mountains, and spent some days in the village where I grew up. As I am currently in between jobs, I was happy to be able to go up there on a regular week. There was hardly anyone in the ski trails, so we got to enjoy the mountains all to ourselves. It was so quiet that we could hear the wind blow through the trees. Is there anything more relaxing than that? It was perfect! I have to smile though. When I grew up on the country side, I only wanted to live in the city. I found the mountains and the forest so dull! Romantic talk about the wind whistling through the trees made me roll my eyes. I longed for the city pulse: Coffee bars, shops, trams, concrete, tall buildings, crowds. After having graduated high school, I quickly embraced city life: Oslo, Bergen, Paris, Stockholm - Oslo again. I really thought I would never grow tired of it. Yet here I am, a decade and a half later, finding myself longing for the surroundings in which I grew up: The mountain birch, the pine trees, the fresh air and the silence... Ah, is there anything like it? Really, I'd choose it over my favorite spots in Oslo anytime. Listen to me. I start to sound like an old person.

xx Elfrid

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