• Elfrid

A Rainy Day in Brisighella

With the sun gone for a day, we took a break from the beach, and headed up in the hillsides instead. The tiny village of Brisighella offers that medieval charm you look for when visiting Italy. With its pastel-hued houses and vineyards around, it falls straight into that post card cliché category. It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived, which in the end only added to that Dolce Vita magic: The kids got so happy about the new umbrellas we bought them, that they started dancing around the streets. Just as in a movie.. Cliché, yes - but total bliss!  Brisighella is particularly famous for the olive oil it produces, so if you are ever in the region, this is where you want go in order to buy bottles with you back home. The town is situated in the province of Ravenna, in the Emilia Romagna region in Northeast Italy. 

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